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    New Palisade owner.

    Forgot to say I added $1,400 extended warranty with mine also. So far, it's great. Rusty
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    Palisade Limited Option Availability

    Bought extended 7 year warranty for $1,400.
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    New Palisade owner.

    How much if you don't mind (US)? I think I paid around $52,000 out the door (tax, license, etc) with every option available, down to first aid kit for my AWD burgundy and black limited in December 2019. Rusty
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    Palisade Limited Option Availability

    What did dealer want? I can't remember and don't have my paperwork with me. Rusty
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    Decision Made

    Thanks for the tip on the bonusdrive. Didn't think I'd qualify for a rebate as I took possession 12/9/19. Check is in he mail! Rusty
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    Decision Made

    Congratulations. Have had my Limited for almost 2 months. No regrets. Only issue is some wind noise from the side windows that I'll have looked at during next maintenance. Rusty
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    2020 Genesis GV80 revealed

    Curious on price. Rusty
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    New Member Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the forum. Love my wife's Palisade as well! Rusty
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    2020 Genesis GV80 revealed

    What could be missing? LOL Rusty
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    Slight jerk after pressing drive button and park button

    Don't recall a "jerk" when I put it into park, but I do feel it when I move it into Drive. I'll pay more attention to it next time I go out. Rusty
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    Re-badging front grill

    I like my Palisade and not ashamed of it being Hyundai but I think the big "H" in front is ugly. I've seen some re-badge options, but am wondering as to how you take off the existing badge? Rusty
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    Wind Noise

    Thanks. I will have it looked at. Hope it's a fix and not just a "comment". Rusty
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    Wind Noise

    Slowly figuring out the options on my Limited. I really enjoy it and feel like I have a quality vehicle, getting my money's worth. The ride is pretty good (great, considering I'm coming from a stripped down Wranger), however I'm getting a fair amount of wind noise from the driver's side...
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    Heads Up Display

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    Heads Up Display

    Okay, got the HUD working and adjusted. Love it. Issue is, every time I shut the car off, the height/display adjustment goes back to "10". Is there a way to lock it in at the lowest setting? Thanks. Rusty
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    Palisade Limited Option Availability

    Story of my life, paid sticker for 1st time in my life, but they had me by the short hairs as I drove back from Florida to get the car and trade in the old one. Oh well. "Buy high and sell low" seems to be my motto. Congrats on the car. Rusty
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    Blue Link and Amazon Alexa

    Dealer helped set mine up. No problems with it, although I've only used it a few times. Rusty
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    It's Here

    Just picked up my Palisade. Sitting still, you could be in a $80,000 luxury car. A bit of road noise while underway, but compared to driving the Jeep soft top, it's as quiet as a mouse. I can put up with a bit of road noise for the price difference. Love all the options and custom settings...
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    Limited Purchased Finally

    Drove from Florida back to Chicago yesterday and signed for my burgundy w/black interior Limited (AWD and Tow Package, including some other extra stuff). Take possession Wednesday. Paid MSRP (I think due to trade in). Didn't buy the interior and exterior protection but did buy the extended...
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    Took delivery

    Congrats. Hopefully mine Wednesday. Rusty